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Flame Proof Level Controller

Our Company is actively engaged in presenting a broad spectrum of AUTO / MANUAL Flame Proof Level Controllers suitable for TOP Mounted Level switch. These are designed by making use of Top Quality Material of reputed brands of Electrical & Electronics Components with latest & inventive techniques as well as thoroughly inspection done by our people with latest ones.

Technical Specifications :
Power Supply -  230VAC
Indications -  HIGH & LOW,AUTO & MANUAL,PUMP ON and DRY RUN for Pump Safety.
Push buttons-  Provided for AUTO & MANUAL as well as to START & STOP for Pump in Manual.
Level Switch contacts -  6VDC
Safety at environment- 

In AUTO mode, whenever PUMP STARTS at LOW Level thru Level Switch contact, but, media / application is not comes to the tank due to reasons like solenoid valve is not OPEN / float leakage etc…on that case, provide one additional relay for hooter along with DRY RUN indication. This relay may activate according to IC Programmable timer

The above logical operated controller may come in MS POWDER COATED PANEL.

Note : Mainly using at this type of controlling system nearer at Solvent applications / hazardous areas.

Flame Proof Auto / Manual Controller Operational Manual :

High Level - PUMP / Solenoid Valve OFF
Low Level - PUMP / Solenoid Valve OFF

Might to give input voltage supply of 230VAC. For Auto & Manual, provided separate push buttons for selecting the mode.

If you press AUTO pushbutton, AUTO indication glows as well as High & Low indications as per the signal of the level switch,. ie. If Low Signal, LOW indication and also PUMP ON indication is also glow with green. If High level signal, HIGH indication and well as PUMP indication may turn OFF.

If you press MANUAL pushbutton, you can START & STOP the PUMP manual only i.e., thru START & STOP push buttons

In AUTO mode, if PUMP START i.e., relay (NC-C), but, media is not comes into the tank, on that case float position is LOW . If stays 5 minutes, provided one relay (NC-C-NO) for activate to connect HOOTER for operator alert as well as provided DRY RUN indication for the same.

If you connect the relay ( NC-C-NO) to your annunciator / any hooter, operator may activate and by changing from AUTO to MANUAL mode, entire system is reset and can operate the PUMP manual mode by time being.

Level switch input Voltage goes to 6VDC ensures operational environment safety and other relays are potential free contacts (5Amps / 230vAC, relay output ( NC-C-NO) for PUMP (or) Solenoid Valve START / OPEN at Low Level & PUMP (or) Solenoid Valve close at High Level.

Note : If any power failure occurs, and float is middle level and mode is in AUTO, the Systems remains in AUTO mode only after power comes. If you select Manual mode and Power failure occurs, the systems remains manual mode only after power comes.

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